Your Prosthetic Device Should Be As Unique As You Are

Your artificial limb may be similar to many others, but not the way you might use and wear it. As an individual, your needs, comfort level and aspirations are unique - and so should your fitting be. We understand this, and our knowledgeable and compassionate staff makes every effort to exceed the expectations you have, even for yourself. A professional, custom fitting is what makes all the difference. There are many upper and lower extremity prosthetic options available, that will allow you to continue many of your favorite activities. The type of artificial limb used is largely determined by the missing limb's location and the your expected level of activity.

Trust Prosthetic One to help you get where you want to go and do what you want to do.

Amputation Levels

  • Transtibial/ below knee
  • Transfemoral/ above knee
  • Knee disarticulation
  • Hip disarticulation
  • Transmetatarsal/ partial foot
  • Transradial/ below elbow
  • Tranhumeral/ above elbow

Specialty Prosthetic Components

  • High Fidelity Interface (Hi-Fi)
  • RevoLimb Adjustable Socket
  • Micro Processor Knees (C-Leg, Rheo, SLK) 
  • Echelon Hydraulic Foot
  • Vacuum Assisted Suction Suspension (Harmony)
  • Biom Foot
  • Propriofoot
  • I-LIMB
  • Bebonic Hand
  • Myo-electric components

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