High-Fidelity Interface

Prosthetic One offers the most biomechanically advanced sockets available. The High-Fidelity Interface ( socket ) can now be incorporated as the key component of your above-knee and upper extremity prosthetic designs. It's the most biomechanically advanced socket system available, providing increased stability, range of motion and efficient use of energy.

Get the High-Fidelity Advantage!

We understand the most important part of your prosthetic device is the part that is attached to you. You're going to be more "in touch" with your prosthesis with the high-fidelity interface. Instantly, you will feel the difference in increased stability, range of motion, and energy efficiency. It's a new level performance from a truly focused prosthetic system, designed to maximize your capabilities rather than mask them.

  • Greater Stability
  • Improved Range of Motion
  • More efficiency
  • Maximize your capability
  • Better Socket!!!!!

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